paralyzed animals regained ability to walk within four weeks — ScienceDaily

When I send you this incredible new discovery which is beyond my understanding, then I hope that tomorrow the technique will be used already.

The title reminds me of a book which I read partially many ,many years ago as far as my understanding went

I think it was fascinating.

Here was just the definition of a Master that I sought. A Master teaches essence. When the essence is perceived, he teaches what is necessary to expand the perception. The Wu Li Master does not speak of gravity until the student stands in wonder at the flower petal falling to the ground. He does not speak of laws until the student, of his own, says, “How strange! I drop two stones simultaneously, one heavy and one light, and both of them reach the earth at the same moment!” He does not speak of mathematics until the student says, “There must be a way to express this more simply.” In this way, the Wu Li Master dances with his student. The Wu Li Master does not teach, but the student learns. The Wu Li Master always begins at the center, at the heart of the matter. This is the approach that we take in this book. It is written for intelligent people who want to know about advanced physics but who are ignorant of its terminology and, perhaps, of its mathematics.

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