I like the way Mr Story is presenting in full honesty this story!

I agree with him totally[ in principle] and definitely would spread the message

Beetroot does not always work for every person, for whatever reason.

Magnesium is extremely important, and a shortage can be dangerous, A remarkable effect on blood pressure I have not seen [yes, for constipation and cramps and sometimes to help one sleep]

Breathing: amazing for direct effects!! I advise a bit different technique but his suggestion is for sure very good.

Acupressure may help in the long run and only after applying the pressure for 5 minutes or more. not by just a short, “tiny bit” of pressure

I would like to add one very rapid trick which may belong to “breathing:: YAWING, BUT REALLY as if you are very sleepy! Works on the spot.

Thanks, Mr Story!

Baby Yawning - Causes & Tips to Deal With It
File:Tabby cat-yawning-01.jpg - Wikimedia Commons