Also letter sent to ConsumerLab in the USA which they published on their Website.[see below my introduction]

The world of fish oils has become a very confused one.

Fish such as sardines, kosher tuna [there are many kinds of non-kosher tuna, all sardines are kosher] and possibly mackerel, salmon,[ only if this is wild salmon[this , not Norwegian salmon as most people err], are still a good choice if one wants to eat some fish.As far as I know, there is no wild Alaskan salmon available at this moment in Israel

Because of the pollution fish oils in capsules have become a huge market. There is a lot of evidence that they may help in some health issues, but they are not equivalent to FISH [with its meat]

I will copy below a letter which I sent to the Consumerlab about this.

Don’t buy any fish oil in Israel unless it was tested [not by the seller, who can claim anything he wishes]Recently one brand of Solgar was tested and came out well.So, if you want to buy here then buy: Solgar Omega-3 EPA and DHA – 950 mg – 50 Softgels. Once you open the bottle KEEP IT IN THE REFRIGERATOR! !Spoiled oil [oxygenized] does more harm than good!

Sent to consumer lab in the USA:

I know that fish oil as a supplement is highly promoted, realizing the contamination of many kinds of fish. I know that a lot is published about the benefit of fish oil, but there are also publications that doubt these benefits. Anyhow: fish oil is a “drug” as it is distilled oil from the fish and the meat of the fish is not consumed and I suppose one can’t even guess what the difference is between whole fish [in ideal clean circumstances] and a part of the fish [just the oil] The future may teach us about this like happened with so many extracted products. If you have more information about this issue then please publish this for our readers. Thanks Approved 2/10/2019 1:22:46 PM

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