a significant effect on Corona/ Covid as this spice is probably used daily by most Indians [from what I understand, I have not been in India myself] and Turmeric is not an expensive spice.

Cloves probably is active and very useful [has always been used in epidemics]

Natural Plant Product Eugenol Blocks SARS2 Spike Protein in the Lab

TrialSite StaffNovember 17, 20211 Comment

More commonly known as Clove Oil, Eugenol, derived from the Tulsi plant, appears to “inhibit” the action of the infamous spike protein of the SARS2 virus. The effect has been verified both in silico, in vitro, and in mice, by a research group at Rush University in Chicago.

In India, Tulsi is revered by traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Some studies suggest that certain natural products can be useful in treating COVID. For example, Rosner et al found CBD can block viral replication and stimulate immune factors. Likewise, Curcumin has been looked at by Celes for its binding affinity with both the spike protein and the ACE2 receptor, showing promise. [see my remark above]

Dr. Kalipada Pahan, lead author of the Eugenol study, is the Floyd A. Davis, M.D., Professor of Neurology at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, also affiliated with the Chicago VA’s R&D Division. Pahan’s Lab studies neuropathology, T-cells, and is also exploring cinnamon and aspirin’s possible value for neurodegenerative and auto-immune conditions. The study was published in late October in the Journal of Neuro-Immune Pharmacology.

Pahan set out with the aim of seeing if Eugenol had any broad interaction with the viru…