Today I will describe to you a point [spleen 9–sp9]which in most cases helps within seconds to be able to raise the hand again behind the back [you want to scratch your back or women have to fasten their bra, even if the limitation existed for months!! ] Sometimes this point will also help to relieve the pain in the shoulder or make raising the arm again possible but often one will need other points for this as well… time[have to make a video for this] Look on 4.10 of the video to see Spleen 9

I have seen tens of cases [ and probably hundreds] where this point was effective in most cases[rarely not]

The point is mostly quite sensitive especially in women but worth pressing [sometimes a needle may work better] Treatment of frozen shoulder is one of the first things I learned in acupuncture and orthopedic surgeons would do tremendous chesed to their patients if they would be willing to learn this technique in just a few minutes!