……………all babies come into this world with their fists clenched The Mishna says in Avos that anyone who possesses the following three qualities is among the disciples of Avraham Avinu: A “good eye” (i.e., a generous person); a “humble spirit”; and a “nefesh shefeilah” (which we will explain presently). The Maharal in Avos elaborates: Every human being is born as a “stingy-eyed person” possessing the characteristic of “I want to have, and I do not want you to have.” This is a terrible attribute, but you should know that we all have this attribute. We were all born with it! Furthermore, we were all born with tremendous egos (the opposite of a “humble spirit”) and it is a life’s work to try and gain a little humility. Finally, we are all born — says the Maharal — with a “nefesh rechava” (opposite of “nefesh shefeilah“). We all want the whole world. We have insatiable appetites. There is an old Yiddish saying — , as if to say, we want to have it all. That is how we come into the world — miserly, egotistical, and with insatiable appetites for all the pleasures of this world.