I have seen various patients where coffea was THEIR remedy for sleep

As promised I will send you now and then a “picture ” of a homeopathic remedy.This means a description of when a certain remedy may do much good.
I will choose simple remedies to illustrate this.
All of us know how a cup [or more] of coffee works on an average person
From coffee a homeopathic.remedy is made which may fit very well for the following situations:
can’t fall asleep and is totally clear in his mind [not drowsy] so the person can study, doing arrhythmias etc[but would like to sleep
–awakes from the slightest sound
–every over-excitement can cause the person to feel sick [even joy, very pleasant things[passes an examination, very good news etc]
—all the senses are in high gear:[oversensitive!] hearing, smell, taste, NOISE, touch
–people who are OVERSENSITIVE to pain.

I include here a very nice description from the homeopathic book of Didier Grandgeorge
[worth having if you are interested in homeopathy

Coffea cruda
This remedy is useful for babies who are lean, nervous, and
insomniac, especially during teething (9 CH, three globules before bedtime). It is also a good remedy for painful teeth, one which can be taken as a preventive measure before going to the dentist, for example. In older children, we can use it in cases of over-excitement or insomnia after strong emotions (leaving on vacation, birthdays, and so on), and in general for effects from intense joy of any kind.
Ian is ten months old when his parents take him on vacation to a cabin at a moderate altitude for the first time. That night, after a day that was more exciting than usual, the infant is not sleepy. He wants to play, and his eyes remain bright and alert late into the evening. A few globules of Coffea 9 CH are sufficient to calm him down, and he has a good night’s sleep.