I suspect NOT BECAUSE THE MORE CARDIOVASCUALAR incidents there maybe, the more the billion market of Pfizer [and some other companies] may grow…..ok, this a very nasty statement but I will expain once my experience with Pharmaceutical companies in the beginning of my medical practice. Nothing shocking, every business man will understand

At the same time:

I am extremely thankful that these companies exist with all the wonderful drugs that were discovered!!

See former emails about this issue to understand what I write below If you search for Denmark in my WordPress you will see what this is all about!!

Pfizer trials of a drug for thrombocytopenia

PF-06755347 Immunomodulation
Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura/Chronic
Inflammatory Demyelination Polyneuropathy

Primary Immune ThrombocytopeniaDrug: PF-06755347 intravenousDrug: Placebo intravenousDrug: PF-06755347 subcutaneousDrug: Placebo subcutaneous

Now below the right technique:

This nurse explains less “clear” maybe, but uses the right technique not as the first video where the woman does nothing wrong because she follows the [silly] instructions of the CDC