This morning I was called by a patient from a hospital who had a miscarriage and still had some remnants in the uterus. As we have Western medicine in our arsenal, the options are clear….

How did the world manage for thousands of years without our “modern science”?

For fractures, for wounds, for hernia, for diarrhea etc………I think that in the Amazon rainforest, in Africa, in Indonesia, and of course in China and India they managed very well.

For life-saving trauma surgery we for sure are better of now, thanks G-d!

I decided to advise the woman to drink in the meantime a lot of Chamomile tea and was curious what I had in my file. I wonder what the Bedouins would do and will try to look into this.

I found Vassourinha as a special herb, with endless indications and also used for these conditions and decided to send you a PDF about this.

If this is just one herb of the Amazon, then you may imagine how “rich we are” if this forest will not be destroyed [any further]

If you happen to be a billionaire, then buy as much land as you can in the Amazon to try to save it from daily destruction. Heaven will “pay you for this”! [The chance of being a billionaire and reading my mails is of course very small…….]

If you happen to be a friend of Jeff Bezos [THE OTHER AMAZON] then please forward him my mail….B”H as well as to all extraordinarily rich people you know .