Native to China,Japan,Korea and Russia

Especially important plant for liver conditions and liver protective.
Used for asthma, coughs, may help against frequent urination, to calm down-as a sleep-aid [also for nervous palpitations], seems to help for poor memory.
Increases muscle strength [suggest sport people to try this now and then instead of expensive useless protein-powers on the supplement market promoted by trainers]
Has shown to be of benefit for [osteo]arthritis and osteoporosis.
Also, worth trying in chronic fatigue and stress.
As it is highly liver protective it may also be a clever idea for painters and all those working with “toxins” to regularly take this herb together with milk thistle [as well as turmeric]
If you are on medication consult your doctor/herbalist first

Not to be used in pregnancy and in cases of epilepsy.
People with a sensitive stomach may feel sometime some acid burning, so they should take it with food.
There is so much good under the sun!