American likes ice, the Chinese and most of the rest of the world heat.

I always wondered why the “crazy” advice of ice…Coca cola??

From the Internet: Sprains and other trauma: In fact, a growing number of studies have concluded that ice either doesn’t help or makes things worse. And in 2013, researchers from Taiwan discovered why. When ligaments are damaged, they release substances that promote inflammation. In response, the body increases blood flow that brings immune cells to the damaged area. These helps remove damaged ligament and muscle cells. Increased blood flow also promotes the manufacture of collagen, which is necessary to build new, healthy ligament fiber. Ice decreases inflammation. [my commentary: not a good thing here!] So does rest, compression and anti-inflammatory drugs. The current best recommendation is instead to keep the ankle moving a little. Don’t put weight on it if this is painful but pretend to write letters of the alphabet with your toes within a couple of days of sustaining the sprain. This gentle, continuous movement promotes healing blood flow