More and more I get telephone calls from patients who use portulaca regularly and got a positive test.

This has been for the last few weeks. Thanks G-d nobody got serious sick [no breathing problems , no hospitalizations]

Many patients have been using portulaca partially ,but for sure there are others who used it as I suggested. Most remarkable that before the 3th booster injection [ after which mortality sharply increased!! and this has been totally pushed aside by health-authoritis] also some [now more and more] patients who use portulaca started getting positive for Corona. According to the news-media far over 1000 people died since the start of the booster dose! Until then the situation was stable. I sent graphics to you about this.

Before that it was rare. I hear from sick patients that many have the following symptoms : [fever],headaches, strong muscle pains, tiredness, but no shortness of breath or any life-threatening complications. Let this G-d willing stay so!!