During this period I have brought many issues to your attention where Portulaca was the mainstay as well as vitamin D [since many years]

I will summarize the names which has been discussed or at least mentioned without further explanation here.

Mentioning them[from memory] in random order without paying attention to most important or less important ones.

Portulaca-echinacea -zinc-selenium[brazil nuts]-quercetin- garlic-onions-[vitamin C]- good sleep-pine trees [parks]-hot/cold baths-vitaminA-omega-3-lemon juice in the nose?-frankincense[levona]-myrrh-artemesia[shiba]-essential oils [formula from me]-astragalus-prone position[on abdomen] for better breathing when possible-cloves -cinnamon-all spices-ginger -thymi- homeopathy: arsenicum album-coca-justicia adhatoda -formula with lonicera/rheum palm/plantago/ liq liq extract Drugs: budicort-ivermectin-bezofibrate-aspirin-fluvoxamindoxylin………and whatever I forgot to mention.

Tonight I got an e-mail from a patient-friend which I will forward to you -with an attachment-without commentary.

Shalom Dr. de-Mesquita. Hope you are all well and you’re managing to keep some sanity through these crazy times.
I’m attaching a natural protocol i got from a friend for taking care of covid-19. it helped me with my father who got infected a month ago (b”h he’s 100% OK. they did a test while he was hospitalized for something else so they moved him immediately to Corona depratmenet but b”h didn’t have any symptoms although he spent there 4 days!). I’m not sure it’s a good idea to send this paper as it is, mainly because Dr. Avni is mentioned there and i don’t value him. but it’s up to you.
besides that, i wanted to ask: There was a certain pill you gave to our oldest on —-and then to —- and —-, to help them with bad dreams. it helped immediately, with one pill only, for all of them. Now our youngest daugther —–suffers from the same problem. can you please find in your files which pill was it and tell us how to get it
[ I answered that the remedy wa stramonium ! M ]