Artichoke: a plant native to Mediterranean.
Every doctor should be familiar with this plant and certainly gastroenterologists.
Since old used for liver problems and for weight loss.

Liver protective,for for liver dysfunction, prevent gallstones,improves cholesterol profile [higher HDL,lower LDL],decreases triglycerides[excellent for metabolic syndrome],treats dyspepsia,increases bile secretion and therefore improves fat digestion and also improves intestinal flora[pre-and probiotic],works as a diuretic,helps often against nausea, diarrhea and constipation [IBS ], against poor appetite, antibacterial,anti-inflammatory,antispasmodicum
Artichoke can improve decreased kidney function caused by high lipids as well as help for kidney stones.
Capsules can be used

In clinical trials dosages of 600 mg/day and 2,700 mg/day of artichoke leaf extract (in divided doses) for 2 months have been studied in patients with liver diseases.Panahi 2018, Rangboo 2016
Caution:Be careful when there are gallstones and niliary onstruction.

Solaray, Artichoke Leaf Extract, 300 mg, 60 Vegcaps

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