For any swelling ,painful or swollen joint or abscess [boil etc] you may use as a first aid-and often it will do more than just being a first aid- equal parts of fenugreek [chilbe] seed and flaxseed [pishtan], boil the mixture and let stand for 10 minutes. Put the “porridge” on a piece of cloth and apply this to the part of the body you want to treat. Often an abscess will open [“get ripe”] in a short time and will heal and a swollen joint may get better whatever the reason of the swelling is. Superfluous to say that you may have to see your doctor if the process in lingering on especially if there is a joint swelling when it is not clear what caused this. Many of you also know how to use green cabbage leaves in such cases. Baruch Ha-Shem with the social media home remedies are “resurrected” to the annoyance probably of the pharmaceutical industry.