​This short message I want to send you before Yom Kippur.

All of us know probably that these [ especially these ten] days -from Rosh Ha Shana to Y.K -are incredibly special for praying and the pasuk from Yeshayahu is brought in this connection:
“Seek Hashem when he can be found, call Him when he is near”.
What struck me especially [ and I am quoting here from the book of rabbi Elozor Barclay and rabbi Yitzchok Jaeger : Guidelines – three hundred of the most commonly asked questions about the yomim noraim]  is that the Rambam writes that “an individual’s prayer during this period has the same power as that said in a congregation and is accepted immediately”.

Can you imagine anyone not asking for “everything” these days from his Creator?

Halacha 6

Even though repentance and calling out [to God] are desirable at all times, during the ten days between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur, they are even more desirable and will be accepted immediately as [Isaiah 55:6] states: “Seek God when He is to be found.”When does the above apply? To an individual. However, in regard to a community, whenever they repent and cry out wholeheartedly, they are answered immediately as [Deuteronomy 4:7] states: “[What nation is so great that they have God close to them,] as God, our Lord, is whenever we call Him

. אע”פ שהתשובה והצעקה יפה לעולם בעשרה הימים שבין ראש השנה ויום הכפורים היא יפה ביותר ומתקבלת היא מיד שנאמר דרשו ה’ בהמצאו במה דברים אמורים ביחיד אבל צבור כל זמן שעושים תשובה וצועקין בלב שלם הם נענין שנאמר כה’ אלהינו בכל קראנו אליו:

If one thinks really seriously  about this extreme strong statement from the Rambam, then nobody will leave these hours we still have left before Yom ha-Kippurim “unused” by not praying to the Creator for whatever we long for  [for the good of his family / friends / Am Israel ve l’olam kulo].
May I wish you all a healthy year , blessed ,peaceful year.