They may be good for checking scandals but for medicine they are not my trustable source in most cases , I suppose.

If Snopes marks something as
Mostly False then this says something about the part that is TRUE. They would not like to bring the ire of Microsoft upon them, it seems to me.!

Does Microsoft Own Patent ‘666’ About Implanting Microchips in People? |

Translate the link below with Google and see the link of Snopes above.

De ‘corona’ spoedwet werd al een jaar vóór de pandemie voorbereid – Ellaster

Anyone who is still so naive as not to see further than a “virus” may be “blessed” or maybe “corrupt” if he has good intelligence .

Whatever: Of course the Creator allows this TO HAPPEN, maybe to bring all of us back to total honesty and to long for a better world and to work selfless-as much as everyone can- to reach this goal.