not to get upset with all those who falsify details or write crooked arguments.

Just before 29 of July 2021 some new “prophets” arose in Israel who decided that an extra vaccination was needed.

Just a 2-3 days later-you can check this your self on the graph- the mortality got up every day.

Before that everything was rather stable as you can check as well.

Logic? NO! But if one wants to be crooked and can’t be honest then it is the unvaccinated people who “out of a blue sky” suddenly caused this mortality and morbidity and there is whatsoever no connection with the vaccine, even if also the morbidity [mortality?] sharply increased at the same moment with the already twice vaccinated people.

If anyone honestly can explain this and don’t come with political arguments and have no financial connections with these pharmaceutical industry , then please explain, and I will thankfully publish this.