the nasty symptoms of terrible pains [bones,muscles], tiredness, fever , coughing etc I would advise the following homeopathic mixture [on top of anything else [ Portulaca etc, even doxyxycline=doxyline in Israel]

ars alb D6/gelsD6/ ars alb D6/gelsD6/ bryoniaD6/ ferrophosph D6/ eupat D3/ Nux vom D6/ rhus tox D6 /
justicia adhatoda D6/camphor d30/cocca d30 aa ad 100 cc
no expiration date
,can be kept for ever[not in the fridge]

aa ad 100 cc [= one bottle]

Suck 2x per day [or more often 10 drops from a teaspoon] ,not during a meal.