I recently sent a post about the use of the avocado pit [as a medicine and maybe more]

As I expected people asked me how to use this.

I myself never tried it out, but I will post the answer I send to the few who asked.

Whatever: if you use the pit[seed] use only small amounts.

The only doubt I have is that [because] the famous medical anthropologist John Heinerman does not mention the use of the pits!

Some other uses of avocado as described by him:
—-You too, can experience near ageless beauty again simply by using avocado oil in place of other lotions and creams.

—-My father, Jacob Heinerman, uses ripe avocados regularly as a fast-acting laxative. He’ll peel two of them and mash the meat up good in a dish, adding a little kelp, 3 tbsp. apple cider vinegar, and 1 tsp. lemon juice. After mixing them together, he’ll spread the mixture on some sprouted cracked wheat or pumpernickel bread and eat it.
Not only does it make incredibly delicious sandwiches, but usually within just a couple of hours or less it will promote a pretty vigorous bowel movement. He seldom ever has constipation as a result of this in spite of being 74.

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