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I use it for nearly every trauma and to increase the effects of antibiotics.[bromelain]

Also, simple eating ananas itself often has “magic effects” in trauma treatment and many will enjoy this [bit expensive and not always available]

Written by Dr. Tillotson

Bromelain is a herbal extract of digestive-enhancing enzymes, derived from the stem of pineapple, that has been used as a medicine since 1957.

• Pills: one to two 500 mg. pills (standardized to 2000 GDU’s (a measure of protein-digesting capacity) twice per day between meals

Research Highlights:

• Bromelain reduces edema, bruising, wound-healing time and pain following surgery (Howat RC et al., 1972, Murray and Pizzorno, 1989).

• Bromelain has direct anti-cancer effects, originally attributed to its ability to digest the protein coatings surrounding tumors. However, recent evidence indicates it may also strengthen the ability of monocytes to attack target cancer cells (Eckert K et al., 1999). It thus may be used as part of enzymatic treatment for cancer.

• Bromelain’s digestion-enhancing quality increases the serum levels and effectiveness of several antibiotics (Smyth RD et al., 1968, Zimmermann I et al., 1978), and is almost as effective by itself as an antibiotic treatment for sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, and staph infections (Seltzer 1967, Weiss S et al., 1972).