Acupuncture maybe most helpful as well.!!

I have no doubt in my mind that in the “bush” of the Amazon [Suriname] ,Indonesia, Sri Lanka etc most fractures are better treated than in the most advanced orthopedic centers in the world. Fractures are as old as the world is!! Just like snake-bites with the big difference- that we now have life-saving antivenom as you all know.

If you have no one to guide you then you may try “complex-homeopathy” such as:

Arnica ; Bryonia ; Calc carb; Calc phosph; Eupatorium perf; Ruta; Symphytum all as D6 ,mixed in one bottle.[total 50 cc]

Suck 2x per day 7 drops from a teaspoon.

Below article about fractures and homeopathy.