about the so-called “new world order” and the extreme strange movements in this world …Freemasonry etc

I will certainly not express any support for the ideas of the Rav and I hope that the very near future will prove him terrible wrong and “paranoid”…..[?]

But there is one thing that really worries me is the “SECRET” between Pfizer and the Israeli government and no one seems to be bothered by this.…..I would urge Am Israel and all lawyers to open their eyes and to DEMAND to know what will be kept secret for us for 20 YEARS or so and WHY! Highly abnormal and suspicious.

FROM THE INTERNET: [Rav] Asor’s understanding of such baseless theories has gone a notch higher, as he claimed that entire vaccination business is nothing but a “secret and brutal Army” maintained between the US and Israel, that will eventually interfere with the local law enforcement to ‘further global government’s’ sinful agenda.