Is this the time for vacations abroad? I would think ,no!

But everyone should be free, if there is no law ,no one needs my permission.

If a surgeon has to learn a new important technique that was developed in Italy, yes then he should go and ipso facto for any practical profession but no for conferences about theoretical subjects where Zoom taught that a lot of energy can be spared!

For sure that the Creator is making “new laws” for Israel and the world, if we are only prepared to see them and if we don’t learn from this pandemic we may never learn.

If the world stays the same then we missed all opportunities to change what has to change on our planet.

No 3rd or 10th Pfizer vaccine will help with this.

That masks can be quite bothering is clear but is also clear that Covid is basically an airborne infection [no doubt about that] and it is totally COMMON SENSE[ through whole modern medical history that this kind of protection has always been important.]

In the next mail I will send you a quote from a textbook from the sixties [from which I studied Pathology] by Pof. William Boyd ,one of the giants who could still write a whole textbook alone!