It is high time to know that people who fainted or are on the verge of fainting should lay flat, even on a dirty street and not be put in a chair!! This is simply dangerous.

I just saw now again a former neighbor who fainted and was forced to sit up by the by-standers….!! Resending you by this a e-mail from years ago.

From years ago:

On Shabbat I was called urgently by a young daughter on rehov ha-teena [where I live] to her mother who had suddenly become unwell, as she told me crying.

The mother [around 50] was sitting in a chair and looked pale and felt fainting and extremely weak.[For some reason even trained people don’t realize that patients who feel a fainting reaction should lie down straight away!]

The women [patient] herself is a medical professional!On examination, I did not find any abnormalities and on questioning she told me that a recent blood test had shown a low B12 level. I asked her if this was below the “brackets” of kupat cholim and she confirmed this. Her doctor had told her to buy some b12 tablets. Hearing this I went home to take METHYLCOBALAMIN tablets[= the best form of b12]and gave her to suck at once 10.000 units = 2 tablets from 5000 units [Solgar] Methylcobalamin is not available in Israel. An hour or so later she felt “reborn” and as she told me that the feeling in arms and legs had come back after she had lost total feeling in the limbs!!] It is known that a serious B12 deficiency can even lead to paralysis. It could be that the next day or so the woman would have been -G-d forbid- paralyzed if she would not have been treated with a high dose of b12. The patient-in her profession-may often have used “laughing gas” which can quickly accelerate a B12 deficiency Sadly enough this issue -about which I have sent so many mails- is still ignored by most doctors. In short: B12 can be an emergency, not less than an appendicitis.