I don’t remember where I found this interesting but a little bit odd article,but as it is absolute innocent [not dangersous] it maybe worth trying,supposing that no one will write such a story without having tried it before.

Hiatal Hernia

In the back part of your diaphragm, there’s a buttonsized hole that allows the esophagus to go from the throat

to the stomach. Sometimes this hole gets enlarged for

one reason or another and, if it does, the stomach can

worm its way up into the hole—a condition known as a

hiatal hernia.

It’s not a foolproof test, but some doctors that screen

for hiatal hernia will have a patient take a deep breath

and hold it. The patient should be able to hold it for 40

seconds. If not, and there are no other problems, it’s possible there’s a hiatal hernia. If a patient’s stomach is stuck

up in the hole of their diaphragm, the first order of business is to get it out. There are two ways to do this.

■ “Chicken Wing Cure.” Drink a glass of roomtemperature or slightly warm water first thing in the

morning when you get out of bed (no coffee, tea,

juice, or cold water—just warm water). Then, while

standing, bring your arms straight out to your sides,

and then bend your elbows so your hands are touching your chest. Stand on your toes as high as possible, and then drop so that you get a pretty good jolt.

Do this about 10 times in a row. Then, while standing with your arms up, pant short quick breaths for

10 to 15 seconds. That’s it!

Let me explain what happens (so you’ll have something to tell your spouse if he/she looks over some

morning and thinks you’re trying to fly). Warm water

acts like a weight in the stomach. Being warm, it

doesn’t cause the stomach to cramp; instead, it relaxes

it. Spreading your arms stretches the diaphragm and

opens up that hole in the back. Dropping down on

your heels jerks the stomach out of the hole. Panting

tightens up the diaphragm muscle to close the hole.

Note: You’ll need to do this exercise every day, not

just until everything feels normal.

■ “The Champagne Bottle Technique.” A second

way to get your stomach out of the hole in your diaphragm will work if the hernia is a stubborn one.

When I’m using this technique, I have the person

stand, preferably on a slight incline leaning backwards. I place one of my hands on top of the other

with my fingers pointing toward him or her and gently push my fingers into the person’s stomach (right

under the ribs, in about the middle of the abdomen).

I then tell the person to breathe in and out four or five

times as I gently move my hands over the stomach.

Then, with a quick, gentle thrust toward the person’s

feet, the stomach is pulled down like a cork being

pulled out of an upside-down champagne bottle.

Also, don’t stuff yourself with large meals, and don’t

sit in an overstuffed chair or lie down right after you eat.

The food your stomach is churning and digesting will

have nowhere to go but into the hole.