D’ABANO:The good and the less good of history in medicine..fascinating

…and Columbus-heavily Supervision]

How little of medical history do I know!!

Ok we can’t know everything, but I hope that with all the new virtual teaching techniques student will learn some more now

 Al-Farghani‘s  masterwork Elements of astronomy on the celestial motions.[

His translations of the books of the great learned rabbi Abraham Aben Ezra


In the 15th century, Christopher Columbus used al-Farghani’s estimate for the Earth’s circumference as the basis for his voyages to America. However, Columbus mistook al-Farghani’s 7091-foot Arabic mile to be a 4856-foot Roman mile.

This error caused him to underestimate the Earth’s circumference, leading him to sail to North America while he believed that he was taking a shortcut to Asia.[20][21]