New COVID-19 variant ‘Lambda’ identified in 29 countries, says WHO [this after the Delta variant]

Above the pronoun cation of th letters

Let’s learn some Tora together then at least it is not totally for nothing……[“mikre”-happenstance]

Maybe the Giver from the Tora does not want us [at least the Jews] to totally forget the Greek aleph-bet…..SEE THE STORY BELOW and enjoy! Take this all with a bit of humour if you like…..even if nothing in the world happens for no reason.

For sure there are many reasons, we need to strive for a better world, but everyone wil understand this by now, I hope.

WHY ONLY GREEK? [Our Mishnah said:] R. Shimon b. Gamliel said: Even books of Scripture the Sages did not permit to be written in any foreign language other than Greek. R. Abahu said in the name of R. Yochanan: The halachah is like R. Shimon b. Gamliel. R. Yochanan said: What reason does R. Shimon b. Gamliel have [for permitting only Greek]? Because it says, “May God expand Japheth, and may he dwell in the tents of Shem” (Genesis 9:27) This means: The words [the language] of Japheth will be in the tents of Shem. [Greece (Yavan) is a descendant of Japhet, and the Jewish people are descendants of Shem. Thus the verse is interpreted to mean that Greek may be used in the tents of Shem, i.e., the Torah.]

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