Most of us are familiar with Fenugreek seed (Foenugraecum], in Israel known as Chilbe.
It is often used as a spice or internally as capsules.[for loss of appetite or other reasons]

Maybe less known is the use of chilbe as a poultice/compress.
Can be used on places which hurts [inflammations], joints, on sprained ankles etc
Use: boil 50 g ground seeds with ¼ liter water,
good to add some ground or bruised flax seed [pishtan]-30 gram- as well.

Put the “porridge” on a piece of cloth and apply to the spot you want to treat.

Flaxseed [linseed] is also often used to soften stool [constipation]
1 tablespoon of whole or “bruised” seed (not ground) with 150 ml of liquid 2 – 3 times daily.