Peter Doshi To listen to Peter Doshi start at 4:08:40—4:13:54
Peter Doshi is a senior editor at The BMJ and on the News & Views team.

There is one medical journal which I have trusted in general since I am phycician and that is the BMJ[British Medical Journal]and NO other one.
There have been to many scandals with other big medical journals every so many years, but few doctors seem to be interested or “forget easily”.

I am writing you this now, only because I am sending you a short video of one of the senior editors of the BMJ with an short amazing analysis about [children]cocid-19 vaccins.
I am not a scientist, I know only the minimal of medicine but have been dealing with this fora long time, I am also not a statistician, but I am fully aware of the manipulation of statistics by the big companies which is used on a DAILY BASE to mislead everyone even those who are more involved!! All doctors should know this fact!

Thereafter, comes a spokes-woman for Moderna [With all connection to the company] who is of course totally “free of interests”.]

To listen to Peter Doshi start at 4:08:40—4:13:54 VIDEO

Already very early during the vaccination I heard about myocarditis cases being reported by one of our Rabbis[I don’t remember precisely who] and Israel did not publish anything until quite late! [Probably some of this talmidim were affected]

That myocarditis in general [there are many causes] heals in most cases fully and rapidly may be true [according to literature] but NOBODY can claim that this will be the same for myocarditis caused by a novel vaccination….we can only hope, also in the long term!

Own statement: I hope and pray that no one will be harmed by any vaccination , medicine EVEN if for some reasons decisions are taken for pure political reasons, G-d will protect us!

I think it should by now be clear to all of us that things are not happening “by happenstance” [be-mikre] and by realizing this and asking help form ABOVE we may see the world changing and be protected from all “happenstances”.