I have been suggesting to all my patients,even those who got vaccinated, to continue taking in the meantime Portulaca and Echinacea , 2x per day 30 drops from each in some water.
I don’t know how many of these[vaccinated]patients followed my advice.
At this stage I also advise it to children, but if you wish consult with me about this by telephone.
From 16 years old you can behave like adults.
If any of you has been vaccinated and continued taking Portulaca [and echinacea] and even so got Corona I would be thanks full if you let me know, even by e-mail, if you wish, and I will call you back.

For so many years I have being feeling blessed to have this herb to my disposal !! It may be a kind of chased/kindness if you share this mail with others.
Be healthy!