Musar for the Israeli medical establishment [and for doctors all over the world] Prof Groen worked for a while in Har Ha-Tzofim]

A big “forgotten” doctor

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by J Benbassat · 2020 — Rambam Maimonides Med J. 2020 Oct; 11(4): e0038. … At that time, Professor Dr Johannes Juda Groen headed the department of Medicine A.

“One cannot shout and be gentle at the same time”
“Listen to the patient; he is telling you the diagnosis”
“Ask the patient: what worries you most?”

However, it blunted physicians’ sensitivity to the emotional aspects of human illness and promoted a practice based on deductions from pathophysiological mechanisms.

On the other hand, it would appear to me that Groen’s colleagues in Israel were openly hostile to him. They derided his psychosocial orientation (“Groen treats myocardial infarction by psychotherapy”)

Why did Groen provoke such hostility in Israel? It is possible that the response of Israeli doctors to challenges of their practice was less courteous than those in the Netherlands, or that Groen’s colleagues from the competing medical department felt threatened by his international prominence.

Personally I remember one article from Prof Groen [I could not find it back, so I am quoting “freely”from memory.

A child was highly allergic to cats….severe asthmatic attacks

The child was brought to the doctor’s room -while not wheezing- and one of the walls of the room was made of a “glass wall” [from one side one could see the room and from the inside,where the child and the mother were one could not see through the glass.]

The glass was absolutely sealed [nothing could pass]through it.

The child was fine UNTIL the glass was changed so that the child could see through it [but still TOTALLY sealed] and the child saw a person holding a cat behind the glass.

On the spot the child got a severe asthmatic attack!

This is what I can remember from the story…………one can imagine that this caused doctors [allergists etc] to get very upset.