From a patient:

My little son 2 years old got a rota virus he is in big pain I would like to know if there is a way to help him please respond that email ASAP or call us at ……

Buy: M.T tormentilla  25cc / myrtilli 10cc / myrrhae 5 cc / cranberry 10c all in one bottle.
Use: 3 times a day 15 drops in some water or juice, as long as needed.
The remnant can be kept for years in a cool dark place

Acute diarrhoea should, in the first instance- be treated by ORS [oral rehydration solution] About this I wrote already. A very common cause of sometimes severe diarrhea can be rota-virus. Traditionally, the plant tormentilla has been used for treatment of diarrhea. So the following publication [after my introduction] may interest you .

Conclusions: [of the article] The administration of tormentil root extract in controlled doses shortened the duration of rotavirus diarrhea and decreased the requirement for rehydration solutions. Tormentil root extract appears to be an effective measure to treat rotavirus diarrhea in children.

Herbal therapy for gastroenteritis is well known. Simple garlic can do wonders even for severe salmonella/shigella infections. Give only very little garlic to small children if at all.

In Europe at least , juice of berries [Dutch: bosbessen-sap][bilberries,blueberries][there is a bit of confusion with the names, but for practical reasons it does not matter] has been known to be an excellent drink in diarrhoea cases.

One can get in health food-shops: fructus myrtilli [the berries,not the leaves!!] Boil 3 table spoons [kapot] with half a liter of water for 10 minutes [covered of course], let stand for another 10 minutes, strain [le-sanen] and drink this tea during the day. Another thing: the same tea can be used very well for diaper-rash [ tifrachat chituliem][to apply locally]if

Recently cranberry “joined the club”

Reported June 7, 2005Cranberry Juice Knocks out Viruses(Ivanhoe Newswire) — Cranberry juice may be better for you than you think. The sweet sap has long been known to heal urinary tract infections, but now it may fight gastrointestinal viruses too.

Researchers from St. Francis College in Brooklyn, N.Y., say intestinal virus infections cause significant illness and cost billions of dollars in health care expenses each year throughout the world. They say hundreds of thousands of infants die around the world each year from intestinal virus infections, which are most prevalent in developing countries.What led researchers to test the effect of cranberry juice against gastrointestinal viruses is its effect on urinary tract infections. Patrice Cohen, a researcher from St. Francis College who worked on this study, says, “Within the last five years, an increasingly large number of studies have suggested cranberry juice to be an effective commercial product for the reduction of urinary tract infections in women.?The theory turned out to be right on. Researchers tested the juice?s power against intestinal monkey rotavirus SA-11 as well as goat intestinal viruses. The juice prevented the virus from attaching to red blood cells or infecting its host cells. When researchers examined the cell cultures with electron microscopy, they could see no viral particles in the cells that were treated with cranberry juice.Cohen says, The addition of commercially available cranberry juice cocktail to intestinal viruses resulted in viral reductions below detectible infectivity levels.”Authors say additional studies need to be done to determine the effects of cranberry juice as a way to reduce viral intestinal disease in humans.This article was reported by, who offers Medical Alerts

Myrrh in the formula above is excellent against [campy] abdominal pain.