Life saving  essential oils for all kind of infections …….. שמנים שיכולים להציל בן אדם  מכל סוג של זיהומים

The problem is well known! Increasing resitance for antibiotics

In phytother. research juni 1989 [a very small pamphlet] there was published a few sentences article about the use of a mixture of essential oils [etheric oils] for the use of respiratory infections with remarkable results.

Since then, I have used this mixture with amazing[sometimes life-saving] results]

I asked only 2 pharmacies in Jerusalem to make this mixture as a mistake in the preparation can be fatal! Therefore, I never published the formula, worrying that some people might try to make the formula themselves.

For the first time I now give the ingredients and ask everyone[ how clever the person may think he is] not to play around with this but to have it made up by a RESPONSABLE pharmacist HIMSELF!

Minth 1.5 gr / cloves 0.5 / thyme 0.5 / cinnamon 0.5 /lavender 0.5 alcohol QSP 100 gr 3x 20 drops if necesaary for adults [not to be used with Coumadin, part of the formula can be used]

I have used this formula for my patients over the years for recurrent severe pneumonia and UTI’s, some people were able to avoid long term hospitalizations by this [How do I know?because before this they had been hospitalized many times for the same conditions]

Never use any essential oil internally unless you are an absolute well-trained specialist

There is plenty of medical literature about essential oils now a day , but it seems not lucrative and they therefore are hardly used in medicine even if this is sometimes the only way of saving lives…..Let’s hope that the new memshala may read this article…….

There was at least one a big scientific book published about the use of essential oils in medicine years ago I asked if anyone-who could afford this- was interested to buy this book [ not cheap] and give it as a truma [gift] to the major hospitals in Israel. I think there were no reactions.