and I believe that this writings/ and his experience he describes are very honest. We were so lucky in Israel that Dr Tan gave a few courses here!

It is unfortunate that Dr. Tan recently passed away. During my four year master
program, I spent time following him around the country. I spent several years
following Dr. Tan around to every city where he spoke. I would also spend all my
vacations, holidays and summers following him in his clinic. It was quite a
remarkable time, and he will be truly missed by all of us.
I will leave you with one last thought, which sums up what this book hopes to

accomplish. I was just on my way to teaching a seminar in Australia. I was doing
a free medical camp in Vietnam. I have been volunteering in Vietnam since 2009.
I have travelled to Vietnam over fifteen times and never had a problem until this

The police came to where I was staying and accused me of being a spy of some
sort. They did not believe that I did Chinese medicine. They questioned me about
what I was doing in Vietnam, trying to uncover something that might prove their
theory that I was a spy.
To prove I was a real Chinese medical doctor, I had to do acupuncture on one of
the policemen. He had fallen off his motorcycle a few months back. He had tried
acupuncture before, in addition to other types of therapy, and it had not helped
him. He was told he would have to live with his pain, or have surgery. It was a
shock to me that I was being asked to help a Vietnamese police captain with his
neck pain, to prove I am really an acupuncturist.

In addition, he told me that if I did not produce a “good result,” then he would
know I was a spy, and he would send me to jail. I couldn’t believe it! I was being
asked to perform or go to jail. I was also concerned because I needed to leave in
two days to give the three day lecture in Australia. I was not able to do an
evaluation of the tongue, pulse, or any palpations. To add insult to injury,
medical questions are very hard to translate. It is difficult to diagnose someone
when you have to translate from another language. This was a moment of truth.
I had to determine the images, points, and channel to balance or treat. Of all the
points in the back of any Tung book that are used for neck and upper back pain,Introduction

I had to choose with little input from him. Having results the next day was not
an option. It was put up or shut up time.
Fortunately, I did not go to jail. I hypothesized that since he appeared to be over
55, and had had the pain a few months, the pain in his upper back must have been
coming from his spine. I figured that C1 to T4 was all probably indicated, and
that this was the source of the pain in his upper back. I chose 77.01-2-3-4. His
pain was worse on the left side. No one told me this. That was the side he kept
touching, so I assumed the left side was worse. I watched him arch his head back,
and he winced in pain even more, suggesting it was compression of the upper
cervicals. Regardless, the points worked. I didn’t go to jail.