Principles of Prescribing- Dr.K.N. Mathur
Sleeplesness due to nervousness – Sticta pulmonaria Tincture

Rescued by Remedies!

My dad was a prolific “cusser”, and was pretty crazy/abusive my whole childhood and finally he had a mental/emotional breakdown. Since I was the only one to care for him, he directed the cussing at me. He also gave me awful looks that had me feeling crushed down. One day I saw that Anacardium had the symptom of cussing profusely. My dad fit a number of the other symptoms as well, so I gave him 30x 3 – 4x/ day. It started working right away. I quit dosing when he would stop. When he would start cussing again I would give another dose or two. Now he does not cuss at all! Well, maybe in a week he’ll say maybe 2 or 3 words, and he doesn’t give me those horrible looks any more.

I also saw that I was pretty symptomatic of Staphysagria. I was the “caregiver” type, long suffering and “pleasing others”, believing I had no rights and swallowing my anger. I also felt guilty most all of the time. So, I started taking Staphysagria. Well, when I take it, I stand up like I’m Wonder Woman on acid! I just won’t take any nonsense from anybody. I just stand up like I matter! I might say “Hey, you owe me money, don’t you?” or things like that. I am now feeling far less resentful and blaming.

Thanks to Gena – U.S.