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With the celery juice craze in full swing, and endorsed by a stream of eager celebrities, websites and online gurus, the hapless health consumer is unaware of the perils of eating celery in large quantities. This traditional medicinal herb only found its way to the dinner table in the 1820’s. And now there are no less than 16 scientifically proven risks to its excess use. Toxic side-effects are happening, yet users are not aware of their true cause. Possibilities include:• Potentially fatal anaphylaxis (one of the world’s top allergens).• Extreme sun sensitivity, resulting in burns or later skin cancers.• Miscarriages, male infertility and fetal abnormalities.• Suppressed detoxification of the liver and all cells in the body.• Incompatibility with hundreds of medical drugs.• A high source of heavy metals and pesticide contamination—Each issue with a full reference section of related scientific research.

After outlining these dangers, the book examines the exaggerated claims, and debunks them one by one. A poor source of nutrition, the medicinal effects of celery and its active ingredients also belong to dozens of other plants, with far less associated risk. This is a cautionary tale that details the real difference between cure and symptomatic treatment, why food and medicine are two quite different things, and how to recognize accurate health claims vs misinformed or misleading ones.