is suggesting to vaccinate young children now.

Let us first thank Bore Olam that we reached such good results as it seems. If the price in life[mortality] has been high for a few months you should judge yourself. When I saw the statistics straight after the start of the vaccinations I wrote about this with simple common sense and with many questions. No reader related to this!!

The answer by most news media [MOH?] was that the English variant “by prophecy” decided to take a flight to Israel on the “same day” that the vaccinations started and that explained all excessive mortality.

Whatever there have been people who have fought an unfair fight against vaccinations [even if I am convinced that all other possibilities have been cut of except by a few centres in the world] but most of the world population probably have asked “no questions at all” or a part has refused vaccinations because of the incredible in transparency by most governments.

“Hard data” in the first link of Dr Feinstein below are sadly enough missing according to my opinion even if I believe that these data are hard to get.

It is clear that the accusations of Dr Feinstein are that severe that if the MOH did not bring him to court for falsification they “agree” with his data.

[As I wrote before: When I saw the statistics straight after the start of the vaccination……]

Israel is a small family, and I am sure that real big damage to the younger population can’t be hidden in general BECAUSE THE NEIGHBOURS WILL SPREAD THE NEWS if not done by the official media or by the MOH.

The second link is from the website of Mercola and I hope that these data are real honest ones. Israel shows up in the video at 20.3

Incredible clear!

Remarkable are some countries like: El Salvador, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, Holland, Nigeria, Sweden and a few more!

See the 3 links.

Why Are COVID-19 Cases Surging After Mass Vaccination?

I full heartedly hope that in the coming months I can spend my time different and not spend so much time from writing about Corona even if no one is forcing me to do this