, but from 1.25 you will understand

Yesterday I sent you a written picture of the homoeopathic remedy HYOSCYAMUS which can be so indicated in mental institutions but also -alas- with ageing people and thanks G-d that hyoscyamus exists. It may also be used for children in certain circumstances

I left out the more obscene descriptions which you will see in the video of Vithoulkas.

I have seen a few patients where jealousy, suspicion, were extreme and the tendency to curse! Maybe the more obscene symptoms [which Vithoulkas describes as disgusting] are less seen in Israel?? Culture bound? Not sure about this.

I have also seen hyoscyamus working in the typical cough described in the file, but this is a physical symptom not connected with the rest of thee picture.

Please pay attention to the “finger-counting”/movements in the video……………so weird, but this is homeopathy. I have seen one patient with this who also has a bit of the tendency to curse.

I would be so fascinating to ask a large amount of practitioners with some 20 years or more of experience if they ever saw/paid attention to this symptom.

What you have not been taught to see, you probably will not see!

Homeopathy is real, is life, is potentially healing. Don’t judge the descriptions’ with eyes or Tora morality.

One of the difficulty of taking a history of the patient in Israel is that one has to say to the patients: I am not asking you questions which you should answer by ideal moral standards [as you wish it to be, as it should be Tora-wise] but as is real with you at this moment in life,