Honestly, I have not seen any miracles described by this method, but as it is a wide-spread used method for at least 20-25 years or so I don’t want to withhold this message from you in case you never heard about it and you want to try.

The first time I heard from this method was from a patient who for the first time visited me and during the history taking she told me [“by the way”] that she once suffered from claustrophobia, but that was not relevant any more as she got healed from this by EFT. As a know that claustrophobia is a virtual untreatable condition [even by the best psychological methods, and you can check this out on Google] I was very curious to know how she got “rid” of this, and she told me about EFT she used………….I straight away ordered books [had no computer yet] and studied the method.

Again I am totally not impressed by its effectivity but if it can help even one patient: GREAT!

Let me know any experience you have with this or will have with this.