Herpes labialis [herpes of the lips] is caused by a herpes simplex virus [HSV] and can stay dormant[“sleeping”] for many years or lifelong in the nervous tissue [ganglia] and can often recur in life.

There is no good way to prevent this in modern medicine.

A German Homeopath H.V Muller has prescribed -as it seems- for more than 1000 patients Malandrinum D30 for PREVENTION of recurrent herpes labialis with good results.

It is suggested that it could be taken once or twice per week [ suck just one globule]

Taking it daily can cause a severe reaction of herpes so just take is just occasionally, as suggested.

There are a lot of homeopathic remedies known for the treatment of such an infection.

Natrium muriaticum [homeopathic salt] is one of them [People with a very strong sense of duty ,serious and can’t easily show their emotions and often with strong craving for salt!

It does not prevent herpes!