After an ACUTE freight [seeing an accident HAPPENING [seeing a car coming in full speed towards your car from the other lane or you were just in time to save a child from falling from a big height or whatever other ACUTE frightening happenings you can imagine, may sometimes cause for a long time all kind of physical symptoms and then-IN ALL THESE CASES-a single homeopathic remedy may do wonders.

Suck one tablet of ACONITE in the highest potency you can get [ in Israel that is 1M, ask for a “manna”] and this can spare you many psychology treatments Anyone [any doctor] who has experienced such a thing will never have any more doubt about homoeopathy.

One case I will not easily forget [some20 to 25 years ago]

A girl [from Yemenite parents] came with her mother because for a year or so she had been “paralysed” mentally and to a certain extent also physically with extreme weakness.

She had stopped working and was of course extensively examined but of no avail and no doctor knew what to suggest. I think that I spent an hour with her but I also had no clue! I prescribed her some strengthening herbs in the vague hope that they may help.

On the way out, on the doorsteps[there is a name for his phenomena] suddenly her Yemenite mother said to her: “why did you not tell to the doctor what happened with your” nephew” [I don’t remember if it was a nephew]

“Nothing happened she answered, this was a year ago, and what does this has to do with my complaints?”

What happened really! A short while before she got “sick” she suddenly saw a small child [family member] drawing in the bathroom tube, just in time to save him.

She got the freight of her life but “forgot about the whole issue” after the whole family heard the story.

A few weeks later[ I don’t remember how long precisely] she developed the condition that lasted for a year before I saw her. I did ask her all questions during the visit also about sudden freights, but she did not mention anything [also her mother not, till the very end]

She got here on the spot on tablet of ACONIT CM [highest possible potency from Ainsworth from England] to suck and a few days later she had her full energy back as if nothing happened!. Baruch Ha-Shem. This is the power of homeopathy, if it is the right remedy which in this case was “simple” after hearing the very end of the story.

In case someone complains of continuous “flash-backs” after freights as described above then possibly homoeopathic OPIUM may be indicated. Will be continued B’H with a few more proven remedies.