Just recently I wrote you the post below about a difficult to treat condition.
Patients have spent fortunes trying different [expensive] shoes often without results.
Today I heard from my first [female] guinea pig who I treated by telephone [after seeing the article of the Indian Doctor ] with berberis D6 that after a few days already she felt much better and could walk again.

As this maybe useful for so many patients I am already “publishing” this not caring at all if some of my medical colleagues will call this placebo effect or not evidence based…..if they had such a thing they would be happy to be able to walk again [or maybe only partially happy…. because it was not EBM]

I may try this now also for a heel spur even if it was not mentioned for this.[pain under the heel [עקב]

Homeopathy can’t be used in general for simple symptoms like pain , pain in the feet etc without knowing more of the patient and then even it may be difficult or impossible to decide.

In this case acupuncture/acupressure/foot reflexology maybe more appropriate if we can’t know the cause and correct the issue.

I was surprised however to see only ONE remedy mentioned by Dr Satya Paul for pain in the balls of the feet [on stepping][see picture above for knowing what the ball of the feet is]

It seems that this doctor has experience with this remedy for this specific condition and I would definitely try it if this is your complaint [and it seems to be a frequent complaint]

This remedy is : Berberis vulg ………. Buy globuli D6 and suck 2x per day a globule for a week or two.

Let me know your experience if you ever need this , please .