If you have any of these symptoms on a chronic base, you may consider treatment with supplements of stomach acid.

One of them is a relative overproduction of acid by the stomach [ and stomach acid which “returns” to the oesophagus [oesophagus] by reflux [hernia diaphragmatic: beka sar-afti]

A much-ignored cause of the feeling of heartburn [together with all kind of digestion disturbances] is dafka!! a shortage of stomach acid.

It is remarkable how this is ignored even in the most modern textbooks of medicine.

There are few people of older age who don’t have this problem, at least periodically.

So many patients are treated by stomach acid neutralizers, where in fact they should get the addition of stomach acid!!!

Various naturopaths have described all kind of symptoms due to such a lack.

I am sending you a list of symptoms which has been related to low stomach acidity.

Not all of these symptoms I can confirm by my own experience, but some of them I have been found to be of high significance.

                         Bloating, belching, and flatulence immediately after meals

                         Indigestion, diarrhoea, or constipation

                         Soreness, burning or dryness of the mouth


                         Multiple food allergies

                         Feeling nauseous after taking supplements 

                         Rectal itching

                         Weak, peeling and cracked fingernails

                         Redness or dilated blood vessels in the cheeks and nose

                         Adult acne

                         Hair loss in women

                         Iron deficiency

                         Undigested food in the stools

                         Chronic yeast infections

                         Low tolerance for dentures

A clear improvement is virtually proof that the diagnosis was right.

Thereafter, one can take certain herbs which may help and will heal the heartburn.

Further details are for your doctor to deal with.

HEARTBURN [hargasha shel chumtsiut yeter] can have many reasons.