Yesterday I sent to you the Email below with -“Thanks giving -Baruch ha-shem-that we can walk again free around again.


Every day probably I get a call from patients to ask my advice about Pfizer vaccine.

My basic answer is that people have to decide themselves. All my information I have is from the Internet, not a SINGLE mail from the MOH in Israel {I understood that his is the case with all doctors] Unbelievable.

If I am asked what I did myself then I explain that I am hardly exposed and that I am taking daily Portulaca [and echinacea] and that -Thanks G-d- I did not hear from any patient taking these tinctures regularly who were affected with any serious disease [a very few had some fever] or hospitalized or worse!

This morning I got a call from a patient who sent me some links and asked me to look into them. [Her daughter was vaccinated and had quite a bit of side effects]


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See also below

Yes, we can walk around free now, Baruch ha-Shem, but why is there no open investigation of the [false, true???] claims of this group even if we have to invite experts from abroad to see all the possible sides.

Let it take a week or so on open media like the television or other ones. If these claims are distorted [statistics] let them be exposed and made punishable if they are indeed willingly distorted.

IF THIS ORGANIZATION IS DISTORTING [ABSOLUTELY] THE TRUTH THAN IT WOULD HAVE BEEN LOGIC FOR THE MOH TO BRING THEM TO COURT and so to stop the confusion which this causes with probably a significant part of the more critical Israeli public.

If this was not done then I suspect the authorities.

Hi Dr Mesquita,
V. asked me to forward you these documents and links.
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