After a short introduction I would like to show you one single acupuncture point!!
But please read first the introduction.

Who does not know this word or has not suffered maybe only a single time in life of this?

Constipation can have tens of causes, a very few more serious and treatable ones.
[hypothyroidea, hyperPARAthyroidea [high calcium!]
I am leaving here out the well known causes like bad nutrition, lack of fibre, lack of exercise.
Sometimes [probably often] there are very deep-seated psychosomatic problems!
One of them: Nor being able to give full heartily MAY cause stubborn constipation, and then you may eat bags of fibre which will not help
One “not rabbinical advice”from me[I have seen this working wonderfully a few times]: gives a one time significant money gift [every one according to his possibility] for a good purpose and get used to GIVE regularly.

There are endless acupuncture programs, but I have found one single acupressure acupunture point often very useful during many years of practising.
Th point is called SJ6 [or triple warmer 6]
Simple massage may often be enough. I saw this recently again with a patient where really nothing else helped and who was suffering quite a bit.

Alas, on the WordPress I can’t download a -short self-made -video to show.

Will see if I can do this via Twitter or LinkedIn