If you find yourself suddenly plagued [there is no kinder word for this situation] with a real throbbing tooth pain then of course -if you have a neighbour-dentist with his  office at home[probably a rare situation] then you will run to him for help.

In other cases you may take painkillers and wait for an appointment. Even so the painkillers may not be enough, and you may wish you had other methods[chewing on cloves etc , all well known methods] available.

Personally I have treated maybe a ten or twenty people over the years with “sudden very bad tooth-pain”.

Adults -not pregnant- I have given at once Doxycycline tablets, 2 to start with, often very useful, but it may take some time [2 hours or so] before it starts working. I wrote extensively about Padma on this site [so search for this] for even for very bad tooth problems

I will send you 2 attachments [they show the same idea] with a special acupuncture point which really works within a minute or so. The point is called Large Intestine 1. You can use any needle [the thinnest one yo have at home] after sterilizing it by letting it get red-hot in the fire and then let it cool down. Give just a short prick on the point you see in the picture [one is blue coloured by me] and don’t have to leave the needle in [you may leave it in for 20 minutes if it does not work directly. As the needle you will be using may not be a thin acupuncture needle ,the point may bleed a bit, because the needle is thicker. If you have needle phobia…….you may try to cool the point with ice , maybe this will work as well. Of course, you will have to see your dentist sometime, but in the meantime you will be able to sleep. May you be never plagued with tooth-pain!

If the sound does not work of this video I will try to send it via Twitter again

https://photos.app.goo.gl/HpxqB56AbhGyLDxy6 short video