[Urinary tract infections , lung infections etc]


(tinctura Hymenaea courbaril)

This link above is about Jatoba wood…….stay away from this………you may be killing the Amazon tropical forest…..let it be used only as a medicine.

Jatoba is a tropical tree, and indigenous to the Amazon rainforest, growing up to 100 feet (33 meters) tall.
It is a much sought after lumber and has many applications in Traditional Herbal Medicine in South America.
All parts of the tree are used medicinally.


Copal Resin The essential oil of copal (from Hymaea) is dominated by 21.35 ± 5.96% a-pinene and 26.51 ± 1.22% limonene.
Alpha-copaene, alpha-cubebene, alpha-himachalene, alpha-humulene, alpha-muurolene, alpha-selinene, astilibin, beta-bisabolene, beta-bourbonene, beta-copaene, betacubebene, beta-gurjunene, beta-humulene, beta-selinene, beta-sitosterol, calarene, carboxylic acids, caryophyllene, catechins, clerodane diterpenes, communic acids, copacamphene, copalic acid, cubebene, cyclosativene, cyperene, delta-cadinene, gamma-muurolene, gamma-cadinene, halimadienoic acids, heptasaccharides, kovalenic acid, labdadiene acids, octasaccharides, oligosaccharides, ozic acids, polysaccharides, selinenes, and taxifolin.


Antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-fatigue, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-spasmodic, astringent, decongestant, diuretic, expectorant, hepato-protective, laxative, stimulant, stomachic, tonic vermifuge.
The copal resin (a pale yellow or red resin-like gum) is used in Traditional Medicine in Suriname for bronchitis, coughs, cystitis, diarrhea, hepatitis, and prostatitis.
The presence of phenolic compounds like flavonoids and tannins may be the reason for the antimicrobial activity; especially against E.coli, Psuedomonas and Staphylococcus.

Jatoba bark has shown excellent results with acute- and chronic cystitis (inflammation of the urinary bladder) and prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate). These chronic conditions more often are fungal in nature rather than bacterial.

The use of antibiotics to treat these inflammations may kill off friendly bacteria which live off the fungi. This increases the chances of fungal problems and/or encourages fungal growth which can make the condition chronic.

Applications & Uses

Tonic, energizer (is a natural stimulant), anti-fungal, decongestant.
Jatoba is effective as an herbal tincture or medicinal tea in the treatment of a wide range of respiratory ailments such as asthma, laryngitis, bronchitis, lung weakness and chronic coughs.
Effective in the treatment of yeast- and fungal infections (Tinea pedis or athlete’s foot; Candidiasis and Fungal nails), cystitis, bladder infections, arthritis, prostatitis, bursitis and hemorrhage.
The resin from the tree bark is also used in Surinam Traditional Medicine for cough and bronchitis, and an herbal tea from the bark is used for stomach problems as well as foot – and nail fungus.


Tincture: 1 – 4 ml. daily (1 – 4 full droppers)
Infusion (herbal tea): 0.5 – 2 cups daily

Side effects/interactions

No clinical interactions are reported.

For more information on Jatoba, go to the “Jatoba plant” page.


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