I am not a preacher, but I know “for sure” that this virus was not sent to the whole world if only for one reason at least : to wake us up and to let all of us make changes in our personal life [everyone should know what this means for himself] and on a national scale every country should realize what it should strife for to improve [ending hatred with our “killing tongue”] and the world as a whole should realize the there is a Creator who had everything in His Hands. We should also believe that this is all for the good as incredible difficult as this maybe. At the same time all that is known should be tried, and we should leave no stone unturned but let’s be careful not to make science our new G-d! [which it has been for so long already]

Let us be uttermost grateful that God gave us so much insight in his creation and wonders and say thank for this DAILY! If we are willing to realize that there is a Creator and pray then tomorrow the pandemic could end.

הַרְחֶב-פִּיךָ,    וַאֲמַלְאֵהוּ. open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it. [Psalm 81:10]