of course for the requested FEE! PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! See this video even if is quite technical.

The old [Philips] bulbs are since long not available any more [only 40 Watt still on the market]

Why do I mention Philips? Because I have reason to believe that this is one of the most decent and trustable companies in the world [see also Philips in WW2]
This especially, as many years ago a bulb explodes in the living room where I was reading and thanks G-s my eyes were spared!
The bulb was imported I suppose and nobody/no address to contact.
Anyhow, below you can listen to the new light disaster.
Certain light have shown to cause concentration disturbances and are used in probably all classrooms nowadays.
Yes the

Below you can listen to an expertise video. Can anyone change the world in this respect?

Yes the LED lamps will spare energy but ruin other things.

The speaker seems to me very trustable [and modest]

I wish one of the readers is so technical [OR KNOWS OF SOMEBODY] who he can understand all the stuff and work with it, I would be happy to know, and maybe he can advise patients what to do /to buy, of course for the requested FEE! PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!

As it seems : Low volt incandescent halogen lamp operated on DC [transferred to an adjustable 6-12 volt] would be ideal………….I hope I quoted his advice properly [for me, it is a bit of “Chinese”]

I told for years already to patients to download Flux.……please do THIS today.


I just don’t know how to have it on during daytime, all day long, but at least at night.